Cyborg 009

Sep. 15th, 2013 02:42 pm
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Cyborg 009 is a manga made by Shotaro Ishinomori and published in 1965. It features a group of rag tag people from all different countries and walks of life who were kidnapped and operated on to turn them into cyborgs, a plan that would lead to them being literal human weapons and the best attack force in the world. By today's standards, the original manga would no doubt seem dated, silly, out of style, and even a little offensive, but when it came out it was on the same level as Star Trek in the revolutionary track. It was so popular, it has many continuities and 'versions' published featuring it's characters and stories and themes. The Original manga and original anime from the 60's, a couple 60's movies, an anime in 79,' another movie in the 80's, an anime series in 2001, a movie in 2012 that also had it's own manga release, and a Western adaption from Archaia comics in 2013.
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RP History

Dec. 28th, 2012 07:21 pm
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((Lysoke's RP history in no particular order of game or character.)

Vatheon - Locke Cole, Sirius Black, Numair Salmalin, Toboe, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Zexion, Takashi Morinozuka, Charlie Pace, Richard Alpert, Johnny Rayflo, Gabriel, Glenn, Ib, Jet Link/002, Riffael Raffit, Megomi Midua(Meg)

Damned - Locke Cole, Johnny Rayflo

Destiney Strings - Gabriel, Locke Cole, Femi Robinson, Johnny Rayflo, Lanister

Discedo - Jet Link/002, Owen Harper, Riffael Raffit

Somarium - Sirius Black, Jack Harkness, Takashi Morinozuka, Riffael Raffit

Polychromatic - Cassian, Jack Harkness, Gabriel, Glenn

Entanglement - Riffael Raffit, Jack Harkness, Mr. Mistoffelees

Route 29 - Locke Cole

DramaDramaDuck - Cassian, Locke Cole

Soul Campaign - Jet Link/002

Adstringendum - Owen Harper

Star Kingdom - Cyrus, Schala

Ilpromenade - Sirius Black, Owen Harper

Cape and Cowl - Locke Cole

Bete Noir - Sirius Black(AU), Locke Cole

Ruby City - Sirius Black

Saudade - Owen Harper

M1-A18 - Crowley, Gabriel

Amatomnes - Crowley, Owen Harper

Asgard - Crowley, Amelia Novak, Richard Alpert, Owen Harper

Siren's Pull - Richard Alpert, Johnny Rayflo

Abax - Locke Cole, Cassian

Guys and Dolls - Johnny Rayflo

Maison de Portes - Crowley(AU)

Throne of Shadows - Crowley(AU), Sirius Black(Genderbent), Johnny Rayflo, Schala

Dragon Haven - Locke Cole

Stolen New York - Sirius Black(AU)

Entranceway - Jack Harkness, Sirius Black

Animus - Ib

Site-B - (RE)Jet Link/002, Richard Alpert, Toboe

Chateau Carmin - Jet Link/002

Brave New World - Jet Link/002

The Games - (RE)Jet Link/002

City of Ariel - Archaes
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So, I'm watching this waaay too amusing scary movie about a writer in a haunted house, and it's making me want to stay up all night and write my own story. I have all the components and I'd like to get started, the problem I seem to be having is concentration.

Plurk, tags, t.v. something always comes up. I know it's really my fault, but I wish I knew someway to better manage my time. I know that what I should really do is take a hiatus in most of my games for a little while so I can better concentrate on my own project.

But, of course, I feel guilty. Which is stupid since it's not like it's really that big of a deal.

Sigh. I'll have to look into it. I won't put them all on hiatus but even a few of the heavy hitters would make my load easier.

RP woes

Apr. 7th, 2012 03:24 am
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Okay...that's enough teal deers for tonight. It's 4am and I should sleep and learn how not to fret. Somehow.
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So, sometimes it's not the character, it's the rp-er. If there's something about the way I play multiple characters, or my writing, or anything RP-based, feel free to put it here.

All comments are screened as with all of my HMD posts.
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Mainly because I have him in three games now and I'm so glad for that. I have a lot of pent-up Locke energy that I can't always use because of the way Damned is structured. Anyway, I was thinking about the different versions and I was surprised by my discovery.

Locke at Abax is too new to really talk about other than he has his Vatheon memories so we'll see what happens there.

The real differences are between Locke at Damned and Locke at Bete Noire.

Locke at Bete Noire has Vatheon memories too, so he arrived while he was still happy in his kinda!relationship with Tasuki. So, of course, he shows up in this new place knowing he'll never see Tasuki or Selphie or any of his friends again and that really depresses him. However, he knows he can't really do anything about it.

On top of this, his confidence is low because he's just suffered his second death and he knows he's not as strong as he'd like to be. He also lacks any real connections, mainly because he's afraid of making them and then losing them, but I doubt that aspect will last long.

On top of all of that he has to deal with a lot of new technology that he never needed to use in Vat and he has to deal with the darker aspects of life like the current game-wide plot of racism between humans and non-humans. As far as I can remember, Locke has never had to deal with racism, not in his own game and certainly not in Vat.

He's having a hard time understanding how anyone could judge another person based on what they are.

Thinking about it, there's one place that things are looking positive.

The horror/survival/asylum game. :|

He still has a lot of his original hope and optimism that Vat/BN Locke has since lost ( a bit) so that makes him happier in general. Plus! There's a potential die-of-fluff pairing on the horizon for him so, really, things aren't so bad there.

I don't even know how this is possible....but it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. XD


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